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This website is designed to provide you with the information, news, facts, statistics, immigration laws and history you need to stop and end illegal immigration from Mexico and all nations. Our site addresses the problems caused by illegal immigration in America and offers solutions supported by most Americans.

The U.S. shares two large borders with Mexico and Canada that are being violated on a massive scale while our existing immigration laws go un-enforced! Global corporations and racially motivated political groups are pushing to establish a Comprehensive Immigration Reform AMNESTY (CIR or CIRA) to nullify our un-enforced existing immigration laws and thus destroy any future hopes of border security and immigration enforcement in America.

Do you favor a path to citizenship amnesty for illegal aliens or do you stand with the vast majority of Americans that prefer the enforcement of our existing immigration laws?

We can also help you to report illegal immigration, illegal aliens, and employers that hire illegal aliens that are undocumented.

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