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Mexico & Canada & Illegal Immigration

Illegal aliens enter America from many nations around the world. About half cross our borders entering through inadequate border security. The other half breaks the law by not leaving when their visa expires. While both avenues are illegal, these laws are woefully unenforced by the Federal government because big corporations and racial special interest groups have so much influence over the Executive Branch.

Illegal immigration from any nation is a concern, especially since there are estimates that over 1 Billion people on the earth, predominantly in 3rd world poverty areas, would like to come to America. If we do not stop amnesty from passing in Congress and get more enforcement of our existing immigration laws, tens of millions more illegal aliens will be here shortly.

Canada and Mexico are the main avenues for illegal aliens into America although others arrive in planes and ships.

It is shocking to hear so many reports of illegal aliens flying into our major airports. You would think Homeland Security would be able to stop that so many years after 9/11. They have even instructed our US air marshals to take no action against human smuggling on planes!

While terrorists, drugs, weapons of mass destruction, illegal aliens, violent criminals, and infectious diseases are illegally entering America from both Canada and Mexico, the biggest problem is Mexico.

Canada does a much better job of protecting borders and has a much smaller population of people who want to enter the United States illegally.

For the most part, Mexico is a super corrupt failed state where most of the laws go unenforced and corruption is rampant.

Mexico has been documented actually encouraging their poorest citizens, criminal populations, and others to illegally immigrate into the United States.

Canada and Mexico both make money from immigration to the United States, but the Mexican economy is highly dependent on dollars flowing out of the US into their nation via remittances sent back by legal immigration and illegal aliens, drug money flowing south, and tourism from the US to Mexico.


The situation has become very dangerous for Americans in Mexico. Many Mexicans have highly negative attitudes of American citizens and the recent wave of mass murders, kidnappings, assassinations, false imprisonments, rapes, and robberies are good reasons to stay out of Mexico.

Most of Mexico's crime and disease statistics are much worse than conditions in America or Canada. These concerns combined with the recent military conflicts between drug cartels is making Mexico a very dangerous gamble for American citizens.

Mexico's police and local governments are often under drug cartel control and the honest police officers are dead or gone leaving those on the take in positions of authority. The Mexican government has been corrupted on the highest levels by these organized crime groups.

Many Americans also perceive a cultural compatibility problem with Mexico, where they have ultra high violent crime levels combined with the some of the most strict gun laws in the world. The legal age of sexual consent in Mexico is 12 years of age, but that does not matter as most rapes and gang rapes go unreported because Mexican police rarely prosecute for violating rape laws.

Criminality is celebrated in Mexico in what many deem a criminal culture where gangsters and drug dealers are celebrated as local heroes. Polls have found that a majority of Mexicans would prefer to live in the United States and the majority feel they do not need American permission to enter the US because they think we stole their lands in 1848!

Illegal immigration from Canada or Mexico is equally unacceptable, but clearly we have a more severe problem on our border with Mexico.

While some Americans have a racial attitude or dislike of 'Mexicans', there are many valid reasons Americans are focused on Mexico and our Southern Border where the majority of our nation's cocaine, heroin, and methamphetamines are being brought in and targeted for sale to American children and young adults.

Mexico is in heavy negotiations with the Obama administration asking for Comprehensive Immigration Reform Amnesty for their citizens inside the US which includes millions of illegal aliens.