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Comprehensive Immigration Reform Amnesty

Comprehensive Immigration Reform is a form of tricky Amnesty, often referred to as Shamnesty or Scamnesty.

Attempts to pass Comprehensive Immigration Reform Bills failed three times in 2006 and 2007 due to massive public opposition. While the legislation makes big promises of more border security and immigration enforcement in the future, why would anyone believe such promises, when our current immigration laws go grotesquely unenforced?

The main thing that illegal aliens and their supporters want from Comprehensive Immigration Reform Amnesty is the changing of our existing immigration laws to accommodate millions of illegal aliens and allow them to stay in the US to become future citizens and voters.

The supporters of Comprehensive Immigration Reform Amnesty want to destroy any political hope of future border security or adequate immigration enforcement, by creating a new block of illegal alien voters that will vote for candidates who will let as many come as possible.

The last Comprehensive Immigration Reform AMNESTY was passed in 1986. It gave AMNESTY to approximately 3 million illegal aliens, while promising more enforcement measures. The enforcement components were left unenforced and now we have over 15 million illegal aliens. Based on the failed and unpopular history of Comprehensive Immigration Reform Amnesty, if they pass another one then America can expect tens of millions more illegal aliens in the country in short order.

Certified and accredited polls tell us that approximately 66-80% of Americans oppose any form of Amnesty and favor enforcement over Comprehensive Immigration Reform Amnesty.

Yet, elitist politicians, Global corporations, and race based organizations continue to push Comprehensive Immigration Reform on the American public because they hope to gain more money and more political power.

Comprehensive Immigration Reform AMNESTY is not needed because illegal immigration is already starting to reverse in America due to the bad economy and increased enforcement efforts on the state level.

We have over 11 million Americans out of work and looking for jobs and the supporters of Comprehensive Immigration Reform Amnesty want 7 million illegal aliens to remain in jobs it is currently illegal for them to hold!

So many people called the US Senate demanding they not pass Comprehensive Immigration Reform Amnesty in 2007 that the capital phone system collapsed! The calls coming in to most offices were ranging 50-100 to 1 against the legislation!

Now, in 2012, the pushers of Comprehensive Immigration Reform AMNESTY plan to try again.

Many of you have heard this plan called different things. It has been called a new 'Guest Worker Program', 'Temporary Worker Program', Comprehensive Immigration Reform', or 'Path to Citizenship'. The proponents of this AMNESTY have to keep changing the name because as soon as the American public finds out what the legislation really does, it is massively rejected by Americans.

There is no need for reform. There is a need for our existing immigration laws to be adequately enforced and until that happens we must all stand against those who would sellout America and provide Amnesty for illegal aliens called Comprehensive Immigration Reform (CIR).

The passage of a Comprehensive Immigration Reform Amnesty would nullify all of our existing immigration laws and make border security, fines for employers, efforts to withhold taxpayer benefits and welfare from illegal aliens, and efforts to deport illegal aliens who are arrested for crimes meaningless.

These laws would only take on meaning again, once the next wave of millions of illegal aliens entered the United States.

It is estimated that over 1 billion people in gang ruled third world poverty areas around the planet would like to come to the United States.

Join Mr. William Gheen in the fight against Illegal Immigration and the impact it has on all Americans. How many do you think will flood into our nation, if Comprehensive Immigration Reform amnesty is passed and our politicians signal to the world that you can illegally immigrate to America and get away with it?

Get involved now to stop Comprehensive Immigration Reform Amnesty.