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This website is a production of Americans for Legal Immigration Political Action Committee, also known as ALIPAC.

We are concerned American citizens of every race, political party, and walk of life who are unified in our desire for our existing immigration laws to be enforced and our borders secured. We believe that illegal immigration can end. We believe illegal immigration can be stopped and reversed if we simply strengthen and adequately enforce our existing laws.

We do not believe that our existing immigration laws are racist or hateful. We believe in the Rule of Law, the US Constitution, the self governance of the American citizenry, and the principles of the United States.

We also believe in justice for illegal aliens and their employers which means they are to be detected, prosecuted, convicted, and pay the existing penalties for their crimes against our nation and citizenry.

We stand against racism and violence and stand for the peaceful, humane, and gradual enforcement of our existing laws which are supported by over 80% of Americans despite the rancor of big corporations and banks, unscrupulous employers, and racial political groups.

It will take Americans from all groups and walks of life standing together in unity behind our Constitution and existing laws to end America's illegal immigration crisis. You can find out more about Mr. William Gheen at his web site